E.V.A.'s Fortune 500 Client's Data Stored Right Next to Yours.   Both Guarded with Equal Care.

At VOICE2insight our commitment to providing the highest quality service to our customers is evident by our attention to detail, and when it comes to the security of your data we have left nothing to chance.   With a clientele that spans Government agencies, Military divisions and Fortune 500 companies, we are held to very strict standards in the safeguarding of our data and yours.   Trusting your information to the E.V.A. system can be a difficult decision, but rest assured that we have taken every measure possible to provide you with the latest and most innovative security protocol money can buy.   With E.V.A. your data is safe and secure, it's our Guarantee!

Disaster Tolerant Center

All of the information that runs through our network is housed in a state of the art data center built with safety and security in mind from the ground up.   

Each of the housing structures incorporates a unique base-isolation design wich limits movement of our buildings in the event of an earthquake or other natural calamity.   Each structure is also built with moisture-free protection systems, redundant communications connections, and UPS and back up generator power systems.

"Beyond what the system has done for our office by way of organization, it is also extremely comforting knowing all of my patient data is secure and out of harms way."

George Hatsis

Lucid Fusion